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Here at Mike Wood Tyres we offer a FREE brake check – so STOP off to ensure you can STOP when it counts!

Our Brake Safety Check includes the following:

  • Brake Efficiency Test
  • Brake Fluid Boiling Point test with free top up if necessary.
  • Brake Disc Thickness
  • Brake Pad Thickness – visual inspection
  • Brake Caliper operation check
  • Visual inspection of all brake hoses
  • Handbrake Test

Brake Pads & Shoes

  • Extensive range of 1025 brake pads
  • All pads and shoes have OE derived friction materials and specifications
  • Meet all current European legislative requirements - Fully R90 compliant
  • Each pad is manufactured on state of the art machinery to maintain the high level of quality and excellent performance customers expect from a safety critical product

All friction materials are:

  • Low noise - Compounds are engineered to reduce amount of noise fixes or slotting required
  • Low dust - Compounds are engineered to be environmentally friendly ie no heavy metals, copper, chromes etc and do not blacken alloy wheels
  • Easy to bed - Compounds are engineered to bed in rapidly, therefore less need to chamfer pads. This maximises the friction area to disc surface and improves braking performance.

Brake Discs

We carry and fit an extensive range of high quality break discs to fit a large range of different vehicles.

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