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MOT & servicing

We offer MOTs and a wide range of services for cars, vans, 4x4's and Commercial vehicles.


We offer fast and competitive MOTs for cars (class 4), minibuses (Class 5L) and goods vehicles (Class 7).

Car, van and 4x4 engine servicing

Does your car need a service? We offer professional engine servicing to keep your vehicle properly maintained and running sweetly!

Mobile Tyre Service - Commercial/Agricultural and plant

Linkline 24

Our fleet of fully equipped vehicles means that we can offer you 24 hour prompt on site service and repair, including regular fleet inspections if you require. Our mobile service can handle all types of situations - from a wheelbarrow right through the range of commercial, industrial and agricultural vehicles. We'll help you keep those wheels turning!

Mobile Tyre Service - car and 4x4

Need a tyre fitted at home, work or elsewhere? Contact us about our mobile car and 4x4 tyre fitting service. 01380 727481

Breakdown Scheme

Flat tyre? Breakdown out of the area? We're here to help you!

As members of 24 hour national breakdown schemes we can soon arrange to get you mobile again - wherever you are - whatever the time. Keep a note of our 24 hour telephone number 01380 727481 or contact Ian for more information on our breakdown schemes.

Car Collect and Return

Too busy to bring your car to us? We offer a local collect and return service for the Devizes town area - give us a call to arrange a convenient time.

Air Conditioning Servicing

We are now able to arrange to service your vehicle's air conditioning. Approximately an hours work includes: filter & pipe cleaning; and a re-gassing of the system. Please phone for more information and to arrange an appointment.

Puncture Repairs

Where safe to do so, we'll carry out puncture repairs on any size tyre. We also carry a large stock of tubes for all tube type tyres and wheels.

Run Flat Tyres

Our up to date fitting equipment enables us to supply and replace the new Run Flat Tyre range with their much stronger sidewalls.

Wheel Alignment

Have your tracking regularly checked as misalignment affects the handling and safety of your vehicle and can lead to uneven tyre wear. We use up to the minute laser alignment systems to ensure precision wheel alignment every time - this will correct for uneven wear and improve the steering and life of your tyres. And with our new Heavy Duty ramp we can now work on larger commercial vehicles.

We’ll check your alignment for FREE! We only make a charge if your vehicle needs adjusting!

Wheel Balance

Make sure you have a smooth ride - unbalanced wheels can lead to vibration being felt at some speeds and lead to premature wear of vehicle components. Properly balanced wheels will reduce vibration and improve steering response and comfort, lessen wear and stress on steering and suspension systems and improve fuel performance. We have the latest electronic wheel balancing equipment to deal with your car, van, 4x4 and now with our latest technology.

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